Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's All In The Crease

Holy moly, was I in for a surprise yesterday. I didn't tear through my current Ready Made magazine like I usually do when it arrives in the mail. When I finally did pick it up, I opened to this:

Yes, I know it's kinda hard to tell - but there are my bowls!! My felted bowls! I had to crush open the spine a little to see the other 2 but heck - there they are! Did I tell you? It's my bowls!

At first I was wishing they weren't in the crease so much, but then my brother-in-law asked me "or is it in the centerfold Patty?" Hmmmmmm....I like his point- thanks Rich! So my felted lovelies are now centerfold pin-ups. My life is complete.

On that note - I wanted to say thanks to all those who have left such nice and positive comments on my Etsy shop and to the lovely bloggers out there who have been so kind to write about and feature my designs, like More Ways to Waste Time (2 AWESOME posts about my felted goods - thanks Leah), MStetson and Craft Gossip. And of course to Ready Made for including my felted bowls in the mix with the big kids.

All of this support really means a lot to me!


zoe said...

EEEEEEEEEE CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! you deserve to drink champagne, buy shoes and eat cake all day!!!! I'm so excited for you! Well Done.

Papaver Vert said...

Hee hee!! I can totally hear you squeal!! Thanks so much Zoe - it was pretty exciting to open up to the page. Maybe this weekend I will do all the that order!