Monday, April 7, 2008

Friends: New and Old

Starting this "new" life of mine last year has had it's shares of ups and downs so far, but definitely the ups are meeting the neatest people around. Especially those who are not only talented, but ones that are living off their art.....something that I hope to do too.

Last week, I had the pleasure of hanging out with the lovely and talented artist, Whitney Smith. Now, I've been a fan of hers for quite some time so to be able to visit her studio AND get a look at her stunning ceramics up close and personal was really cool. Before I met her, and we had talked on the phone, she had already answered a ton of questions that just spilled out of my brain and she was awesome enough to just keep answering more when we met. It's nice getting some advice and feedback from someone who is a definitely a "seasoned" artist and even better when they are happy to just share about anything. So thanks Whitney! There's more questions to come! HA! No..I'm serious....

On another friend note, my great gal pal Jennifer Jennings had an opening the other night at M.A.C in San Francisco for her clothing line - Serial Cultura. Jen is the only girl I know that seems to fit an absurd amount of work into a normal if she was given 12 more hours than the rest of us normal folk. But what she does with those hours is design and create the most gorgeous and color-filled garments you've ever seen. All of her pieces are silk screened (by her) with prints from photographs that she has taken herself of urban landscapes and objects (think wire fence, bicycle chain). Check out her site.

I'm so proud of you Jen - you ROCK!Jennifer (wearing one of her creations, with another behind her) and her hubby Gabriel.

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