Sunday, July 6, 2008

Exciting News

I am so SO excited to have been chosen to be a part of the American Craft Council show this year in San Francisco! I will be in a new juried section called "AltCraft" with ten other designers. As excited as I am, I am just as nervous if not more so since this will be my first real show. This means product.....I gotta have product.....lots of it to sell. I am so happy to have someone new helping me crochet up a storm - thanks Maho! - so I'll hopefully have enough for 3 days of retail.

Being accepted to this show has been a real eye opener in regards to taking my business to the next level. It's not that I never wanted to, it's just that it sometimes takes something to shake me in my shoes to get that lightbulb lit over my head! I'm looking into possible overseas help, like fair trade co-ops that can keep my work handmade while benefiting the workers at the same time. It's been hard though, wanting to keep my products mine and made by my own hand, and I am realizing that it could get more and more difficult to keep up if I don't explore my options. I really want to keep my product something special, made my hand and not something that is cranked out of a machine so hopefully people will really get that and appreciate it too. I go back and forth between "must make more!" to the idea of "slow design". I need to find that happy balance and I figure if I'm ok with the process, then others will be too. My daily mantra needs to be "Chiillllllll..."

Here's a look at some new items in my shop:

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danca said...

Congrats!:) Visit my new Etsy store, a whole new collection, at:
Good luck at the AltCraft!