Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Like Craft Camp

I feel like I have just finally recovered from the SF Craft Council Show a couple of weekends ago and today it was for-reals back to work, work, work!
I had the best time at the show and it being my first ever, it couldn't have been any better. The other artists in the AltCraft section were just the most perfect neighbors to have and at the end of the long weekend when we were all packing up, I seriously felt like it was the last sad sad day of summer camp and I had to say goodbye to all my new friends until next summer! It was like Craft Camp and I had the best bunkmates :)
Here are some pics of my booth set up, which I had a lot of fun setting up:
My new dot vases which I absolutely love......they should be in my Etsy shop soon....
And my new Pin Pods! These were a big hit at the show, selling out of all that I brought with me. These will also be in my Etsy shop soon!


beckasharpe said...

I've been reading your blog having seen you as etsy featured seller... I just wanted to say how stunning your booth layout is! I especially love the pin pods on the grass and red spots of carpet. (The pieces are all beautiful too!) :)

Patty said...

Thanks Becka! I had a great time setting up my table....and luckily my friend had some great props that worked!
I just stopped by your blog and love your artwork. Your sketches and watercolors seem so effortless...really great :)