Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Paper n Stitch

This is what I love most about the web and its artist community.....fabulous people like Brittni of Paper n Stitch blog who create an online and curated site for designers to exhibit their work! The list of artists will change monthly and I am so lucky to be part of it's inaugural debut!
Ok, so it may sound like I'm being biased but really, this site is such a great way to get a varied look at several designers but not be overwhelmed by soooo much....which we all know happens with Etsy. God knows I love me my Etsy but it has definitely become a space for everyone AND their dog. It's hard to just see the cream of the crop without spending hours sifting through. Having it be curated makes it all the more special and much more concise. I'll for sure be checking back for holiday gifts in the next month or so.

So check out the wonderful artists at Paper n Stitch and thank your lucky stars for having someone take the work out of countless hours of wasted time on the internet...Awww yahhh.

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