Friday, July 31, 2009

New In the Shop

I'm proud to announce the newest members of the Pod family!

My new little podlets are now up in my Etsy shop and I just love them. They're modeled after sea urchins, come in 3 sizes and are similar in shape to my pinpods. I've been clustering some of them around my house, trying them in different scenarios and they really just add a touch of zen to anywhere I put them. Line them up in flowing trail, stacked like rocks at the beach or jumbled upon themselves....just lovely.


Each podlet can sit on either of it's ends, with one side featuring a contrasting color dot. They are stuffed plump with eco wool and fun to squish. I debuted them at the Renegade Fair and my boothmates and I loved watching people beeline to them, pick them up and instantly squish them. We started to notice more and more men doing this.....hmmm.......not sure what to think but I love knowing that they're "guy" friendly!


Anyways, have a peek and stay awhile. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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