Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Lovely Visit

The gals from Studio Choo paid me a visit last week!
Special guest included Noodles who we fashioned a mini felted beret for and the last pic is a little sneak preview of a new vase I've been working on.




Thanks Jill, Alethea, Lia and Noodles for stopping by!


Miss Maria Luisa said...

I love them!

kim said...

my favorite thing about thursday is reading some like it wild. this week was extra special as the girls featured your amazing work! i just wanted to say you are an inspiration to me, reading your story about working hard for yourself instead of someone else made so much sense. i have just started felting pebbles and i am hooked! thank you :-)

kim said...

ooops i also meant to say i love your blog!

Papaver Vert said...

Thanks Kim! I love those posts too and those gals are so talented!

You are making me blush.....thank you for your lovely words. I get so much inspiration from others that it's nice to hear that I'm doing the same! Have fun with your pebbles...felting wool will only become more addicting :)