Friday, July 30, 2010

Blog? What blog?

Apparently I have a blog. My brain has mentioned this to me several times, but as usual I was crocheting, felting or watching endless amounts of instant-play Netflix while doing the crocheting and felting to hear exactly what it was saying. But just now it yelled rather rudely in my face. Geez!

Instead of writing that I will do a better job at keeping at my blog, I will post some pics of some new items that will be at Renegade this weekend!
New Wristcuffs - Geometric design
New Wristcuffs - Geometric design
New Wristcuffs - Geometric design
I'm so excited about the show. I've likened it to going to craft camp before, so imagine that feeling when you were a kid, packing up, getting ready to go on an awesome weekend camp adventure where you get to see all your old friends! It's totally like that - minus the s'mores but there will be beer there. An adult craft camp :)

And one last thing....some cute l'il hanging lanterns I made, playing around with some cream wool that I handfelted. I used glass yogurt jars and made metal wire hangers. They would look equally cute filled with fresh cut flowers on your breakfast table.
Hanging Lantern

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