Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just one more?

I received a trial issue to the travel magazine Afar last week which is funny because I was just talking to a friend the other day about what kind of travel magazines are out there. I sent away the offer with a "yes" sticker so I check it out. Anything to feed my travel addiction.

Magazines I'm getting

Other magazines I subscribe to:

Selvedge - love love LOVE
American Craft
Ready Made
Fiberarts (didn't renew as it was too hit n' miss for me)

Considering it can stress me out to keep up with my magazines (I like to go through every. single. page) I can't resist just one more. I even gave up National Geographic a while ago which I'm sorely regretting.

Maybe if I swap one out? Ween myself off like I did with my blog addiction? Should I even ask what everyone out there is subscribing to and loving? Argh! (ok...really....tell me)


coopgirlkiz said...

My favorite magazine is Atomic Ranch!

Great to meet you yesterday,


Papaver Vert said...

Thanks for the recommendation Heidi! I'm definitely tempted.

It was so great to meet you too!

jess mcewen @periwinkleflowers said...

I totally get the addiction thing- I finally broke down this year and actually bought two subscriptions- Canadian House and Home and Style At Home magazine- I hadn't done so before because i didn't want to formally admit to myself that i was actually not able to go a month without buying these mags. Now it's out there in black and white on my credit card statement there's no getting around it. I have a magazine problem. There are many more that I would add but they don't ship to Canada on subscription, so at least i get pretend I don't need them!

Patty said...

Ha! Admitting it is the first step! There should be Magazine's Anonymous for people like us :)