Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hello 2013! Going Big

Ok 2013, I'm keeping this short and sweet.

I usually write up a list of my goals at the beginning of the year (looks like I missed was a rough start) but I really don't feel like making a long-winded post about it. My theme for 2013 is "Go Big" or another vulgar one (my fave) "S*** or Get off the Pot". (And oh lord am I cringing at the amount of times I've written about pillow making and hiring help)
  • Create everyday / aka get my hands dirty / more FELTING (and shut off that computer)
  • Make a small line of pillows (I just ordered the wool and it's on the way!)
  • Work with my most fave places to create something exclusively for them
  • Hire some helping hands (anyone out there interested in a day or 2 a week??)
  • Look into artist residencies
So that's the gist. Capisce?

And before I go, I've got some new and one-of-a-kind pincushions fresh in the Etsy shop! They're all made from scraps of my hand felted merino wool leftover from projects and pillows from years before. They're all a little wonky, different shaped with fabric backings. You can even have the option of getting your initials stitched on the back. I just love this idea just as much as I love the idea of pincushions being such a personal item in general.  I've met people who have had their pin cushions for a really long time. What about you?

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