Monday, August 12, 2013

Highs and Lows and When to Take a Break

I almost forgot my poor neglected little blog in my check list of places to announce important news. My go-to is always my facebook page, but I know there are still lots of people who don't use FB, or don't have an account....or they may not even follow me there. Either way, I've GOT SOME NEWS!

Well, first some other news before the main news. This is so terrible that I neglected to post this anywhere, but I was in my local paper back in July! It was my first real interview and such a very cool thing. A definite high :)

The next big news it that I'll be taking a step away from Papaver Vert for a while. I don't know for how long and this makes me happy not knowing. I've been hemming and hawing over this for a while. Mainly due to a desire to dedicate time creating new designs, exploring and learning more about felting, and finally, to figure out where I want my business to go. But this always seemed so daunting! What if people forget me? (hilarious, right?) What if I lose all momentum and just end up eating chocolate croissants in front of the computer everyday? (this actually sounds pretty good) What if, shoulda coulda woulda??? Aye, the monkey brain. Well, due to an injured back, my active brain was forced to be silenced for a good month and out of this came some clarity and a solid decision. But before all that I have to admit that the whole month was a definite low for me. I was so worried that the pain I had would never go away, and I think it was that fear that made me have a more compassionate view of taking some time to myself. At this point, I'm not even raring to go to start some new work. I'm enjoying working my part time job and actually taking a real break. There's been some swimming, running and zumba involved. As well as more cooking and reading. Oh and more kitty time:

 So starting next Tuesday, 8/13, I'll be closing my Etsy shop for an undetermined amount of time. It won't be a goodbye, just a pause. So please do follow me here or on my facebook page to see what I'm up to as I still plan to post. And it may be more kitty photos. Or ONLY kitty photos. Kitty photos go along with taking a break :)


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