Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Move over Jane Fonda

I'm figuring out that felting is not so much fun when it's a hot day.....or to be more specific, in an apartment that's on the 2nd floor where all the heat rises to, on a hot day. With all the physical workout-like fitness involved (and the sweating!), you'd think I'd have lost a few pounds. Or at least toned up or SOMETHING! (did I mention the sweating??). My arms should be looking sleek and svelte, with my abs following in there behind. But I think that working right next to the refrigerator may not be the greatest idea, but one is one to do in a little apartment that doubles as my workspace?? Well, I figured eating lots of apples with peanut butter is healthy, right? Even when the amount of peanut butter out weighs the apple, right? OK.....maybe keep your response to yourself.

Here are pics of some freshly felted lovelies drying, waiting to be sewn into pillows. These are the last of my 2-Square series and I really want to get started on some new pillows that can be mates to these. Yay!
I really like creating a group, or trio of pillows that can all live together as opposed to singles, but I figure it gives people an option. My brain is so full of ideas of great pillows but with the whole having 2 arms things, the amount I can get out is limited. But I'm getting there!

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