Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I Kinda Lied....

(Photo taken while strolling around Alameda 6/24/07)

So, it seems like I kinda lied about the whole blogging every week thing. It's definitely been harder than I thought.....thinking about what to post about, work, life, what pics to showcase. It's so small but for some reason so overwhelming. But that's how it goes with over thinking things! I'm getting better at NOT doing that so much.

This week has been a hard one for me and I'm not sure why. I've been stuck in a rut, feeling so new at what I'm doing, anticipating starting my business classes at the end of the month and not producing ANY new pillows. But despite all this, I have been working on an order of felted nesting bowl sets for Rose and Radish in San Francisco for their upcoming show! And I'm so excited!! They are a beautiful gallery and flower shop and I think their whole store concept is really amazing. I have to admit, I've never even been inside the store (yet) but they have a great website and the things they sell are gorgeous. I love that they have a gallery based on themes that is changed and whipped up every 3 months. How cool would it be to work there!? And on top of that, the gals seems very cool and friendly.'s been many evenings of crocheting and watching many documentaries (which I really don't mind doing!) at the same time. Most notably is one my partner-in-crime and I (Charlie Bravo) are currently watching, The Beales of Grey Gardens. Woh! So very trippy!! And a little sad and amusing all together. I think I should see the original one though (Grey Gardens) to understand what's really going on. Edie Beale has quite a style going on and though at times it's a little iffy, I love how she makes every single piece she wears a one of a kind, tailored made to her ensemble. I love all her hair scarves (although at one point what I thought was a pretty blue one turned out to be a hand towel) and she's never without one. As kooky as she seems to be, her eccentric style is so very cool and very much her own.

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zoe said...

That's SOOO great about your nesting bowls!!! I hear you on the stuck in a rut... But you can only go up from here. I also know exactly what you mean about the fridge being a new friend... I'm in an apartment with only myself and lots of snacks... how did we not go to the cafe more often at work!! i suppose we had to do work?? hope you're doing well, and making lots of beautiful things!!!!