Saturday, August 25, 2007

Careful.....Person Under Construction

Charlie Bravo and I broke into this old warehouse on one our walks a while ago. And when I say "broke" into, I should say that we really just shimmied through a hole in the fence and scurried through some bushes, all the while making sure that no passer by was looking. But it was all very we were on a mission to uncover the trail of the Warehouse Fire Bandit who has been terrorizing the citizens of Sleepytown USA! And no, we're not hooligans, I promise. It was just that the allure of this big, old, creepy, broken windowed warehouse was just too much for us and our camera to pass up.
The eery green tint of the photo is from the alien glow of inside the warehouse with the light pouring through the corrugated fiberglass roof. Inside I found this old sign hanging on the wall and not until today did I re-look at it and think of how perfectly fitting it is of my current status! I am definitely "Under Contstruction" at the moment. I have put my little Etsy shop on hold for a while so that I can devote all my time to my business class, writing my business plan, learning as MUCH as I can about having my own business and really fine tuning and creating what my collection(s) will be. As stressful and scary as it is (think mind racing until 3 in the morning - ack! do I need a federal i.d number or not???), it's MY stressful and MY scary and not someone else's I need to deal with.

And this is absolutely LOVELY.

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