Thursday, September 6, 2007

Cool Happenings in the City

After reading about mixed-media artist Lisa Congdon
on Design Sponge, I went to check out her solo show "The Tenderhearted" tonight at Candystore in the Mission. I've been wanting to get a gander at this shop for a while now and I'm glad that these 2 events were mixed together. The art was awesome in person and the shop just so very cool. It had so many elements that makes up a great shop:

***a great mix of displays and store props (old wooden doors propped in a line against a wall with a little railing to hold cards and what nots - loved it!)

***a cool selection of clothing, shoes (I dug the the mix they had) and jewellery
***great locally made pieces like the pillows silkscreened with a big cute cat or the hand crocheted colorful mushroom piggy-banks
***AND the best part for me, affordable items!

They had some great sale prices and if it wasn't for my sisters' b-day coming up, I sooooo would have bought me a lil' sumpin'. (Maria, if you're reading this, just KNOW what I had to sacrifice!!) The sales staff were also very sweet which always makes any kind of shop that much better.

But back to the art.....I really loved Lisa's artwork - her color mixing and the hand-worn feel of pieces. I also liked the fact that the rustic-ness of her pieces went so well with the stores vibe. The colors were giving me some good inspiration for my pillows!

Also at the shindig was Mai who has a neat-o blog called chronicling the looks of people out and about in San Francisco. I was SO very honored that she asked to take my pic for her blog...but LAWD! oh SO very nervous. I'm a terrible picture taker, especially when put on the spot and by MYSELF with every possible part of my normalcy just going out the window. I'm praying to the gods that I don't look like too much of an awkward goon for my first picture EVER on line.

But still, I'm very flattered :)

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