Saturday, September 22, 2007

Inpsiration For The Day

Since I'm going to be venturing into the world of pillows, I am often (ok, all the time) looking at what's out there in the market. I can honestly say that I'm always so amazed at what I see....there are some incredible textiles out there! It seriously humbles me and at times makes me wonder what the heck I'm doing.

Never-the-less, here are a few inspiring pieces to look at. On a day as rainy and gloomy as today (my perfect kind of day!), these are for sure pick me ups:

Antique Suzani fabric from Madeline Weinrib.

A bargello pillow from Jonathon Adler. I have an old Readers Digest needlework book that has instructions on how to do bargello stitches and it's inspiring me to create some holiday gifts this year out of needlpoint. hmmmmmm

This is an amazing room by the Wary Meyers team. I just love the collection of pillows all thrown together haphazardly. They're all bargello themed but all different with such a vibrant mix of clashing colors. I just LOVE it! (you have to click on it for a better close up view)

A favorite of mine from Lauren Saunders Canyon Collection called Strata. I gotta say that her whole collection is really beautiful - very organic, soothing colors but then with some unexpected pops. Her company is inspiring.....especially since each pillow is handloomed, incorporating different yarns and textures. Her pillows are not mass-produced which is what my pillows will not be either - so it's great to see someone else out there with a similar vibe.

This is from Designers Eye in Sweden and they have a very simplistic but bold line of New Zealand wool pillows, so of course I find them so very lovely. I really wish I could feel these pillows, to see how thick the wool felt is. Yes, I love wool. How can you tell??

Oh my gosh, what can I say about Anne Kyyro Quinn? Her pillows are like priceless sculptures on your bed! Or on your couch! I wouldn't even want to rest my head on one and I would for sure be telling my guests "Yes, I know that's a pillow/throw cushion, but please don't sit on it....... Um, yah, don't even lean on it, thanks.......wait, you're going?" It might get weird like that.

Here's a runner from the collection:

And last but not least, something a little happy from Karen Gelardi who does collages and installations with all kinds of materials. This is called "Inverted Fabric Tree". I would love to have all these pillows individually thrown onto my bed almost like kindling to start a fire.

Pillows don't have to be square you know.


Melissa said...

Oh My God! Patty, I finally found your blog. Very good! And I even looked at the picture of you in the other blog. Look at you, big internet star, like the other Patty Benson. I hope all is well!

Danca said...

Love the felted trees!