Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Trying to Capture the Om

My "Be" ceramic rock by Rae Dunn that sits on my desk as a daily reminder.

I'm on week 6 of a once-a-week meditation class and it's been, well.....shall we say, challenging? To say the least.

My mind is what I would call a monkey brain. Constant, never quiet, never a moment's peace. Which is why I enrolled in the class. To be ok with some quiet time. To feel ok in the present moment and to maybe have less anxiety overall. There's homework in the class, such as practicing meditation daily (we were given cd's and instruction) for at least 30 minutes, which really looks and sounds so very easy. For me? Not so much. To think about carving out time from my day to do this, when I have so much to do has been hard. How can I possibly do this when I need to work on my new designs? Get through all my business e-mails? Read about everyone's day on FB? See so many things on all those blogs I read? Figure out what to eat for dinner?? Well, now you can see my monkey brain at work and WHY I signed up for the class.

Really brain? You can't find 30 minutes? How about when you went off on a 45 minute tangent looking for cute walking shoes on Zappos or when you spent all that time checking out the new Curve ID Levi's that will totally change Patty's life? (and btw, I really do love those jeans and quite possibly, have made my life and butt cuter). See what I mean????

The best part about this class is that the teacher is so kind that even showing up is an accomplishment of itself. So part of this whole process is not beating yourself up and just doing the best you can. And so far I do some meditation at least 3 days a week 2 days a week (an honest update). Not including slowing down and being more mindful when I drive, go for a walk and even brush my teeth. My goal is to get to a point where I will welcome meditation in my life, in my own way and on my own time. No rules or schedules. I know I am already enjoying the benefits so I feel good introducing it daily into my life....with the idea of it becoming a habit.

Hopefully meditation will be my new Facebook :)


Ruby Baby Bennett said...


This is interesting... I have toyed with the idea of a meditation class for the same reason. I would like meditation to be my new Facebook.

I have a Monkey Brain too!


Papaver Vert said...

Great minds think alike Heidi!!

Maybe this would be a good topic for the Lucky Ladies. Hopefully someone won't have too much of a monkey mind to get us started :)

I'm working on it, but i'm finding it really hard.

bonjourteaspoon said...

We could do a special meeting on meditation and mindfullness. I don't know if it would be fun but we could talk about it. Would love to know where you are taking your class. My friend Pauletta teaches one at the Yoga Station.
Good luck Patty!