Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Part 4 - The Journey Continues

I've been posting some highlights of our trip 2 years ago to Eastern Europe. You can find more here, here and here.

This next stop blew us out of the water. Well, actually, I had a big fear of falling INTO the water while visiting this National Park, partly because the waters were running pretty swift in some areas and partly because, like so much of Europe, no one here had ever heard of a good ol' handrail.  You protect you from slipping or going over a very, very large drop.

On our big drive to Zagreb to catch our train to Slovenia, we made a stop at Plitvice National Park. We had read that if we could, we should definitely try to visit and I'm so glad we did. This place made our jaws drop. It was like a Disneyland on steroids, without anything fake or mechanical and no creepy songs. It was like a lush stage set meticulously built for a prehistoric dinosaur movie. I could go on! But you get the point. Check out the pics of this forest with waterfalls, turquoise lakes and miles of plank walks.

It's hard to tell but the water was lapping over the plank walkway and from underneath, making it a little sketchy to walk along. Chris, of course, had no problem with this.

Walking through Supljara Cave. Apparently in the 60's, many German and Italian spaghetti westerns were filmed at the park and in one of the famous ones the treasure was hidden in this cave.



Hanavan & Swann said...

These are amazing Patty. Also, I would like that branch with the lil cozzies!!

Patty said...

Thanks Rachel! The pictures don't do the place justice. Get talking to the other Rach about getting some felted garlands for your place!