Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sunday Eve Trunk Show

Some pics of the trunk show from Sunday evening. It was a fun night, with some very talented designers, good music and good drinks. It was a bit of a quiet turnout due to it being Mother's Day, but shows like these are always fun. I met my fashion neighbors, played around with a new way to display my pieces and found out that my felted wrist cuffs and pods look fabulous with my friend Jennifer's designs.
Trunk Show

Trunk Show


ο παρατηρητης said...

i love your job

viola | chewing the cud said...

You know I love your wares, but can I just say, your blouse is divine!!

Patty said...

Thanks Viola! I found it at a vintage store in London and I swear it used to be some kind of xmas tree skirt or something.....I made the neckline cuter and sewed the sides for my arms. I love that top.