Friday, May 13, 2011

Slovenia....Go for the Cream Cake!

This is Part 5 of my trip down memory lane where I've been posting photos of our trip to Eastern Europe 2 years ago. See the rest here!

Today, we're in Bled, Slovenia. I don't think I ever gave much thought to where Slovenia was on a map. Which is a shame because maybe I would've gotten my butt there much sooner. This place was so quaint and lush and just so European.

Below is Lake Bled, a glacial lake in the Julian Alps which you can't see any of (Alps, that is) due to the bad weather. Chris still has not recovered from this to this day - we were going to rent a car and drive through them, but cover. I personally liked the overall gloom and mistiness.

There is a romantic 15th century church in the middle of the lake where many weddings are held. We hired one of the special boats (called a pletna) that take you to the church. No motor, one guy, two oars. He had some rowing power!

There are 98 steps leading up to the church and it's tradition for the husband to carry his new bride all the way up to prove he is "fit" for marriage. Chris didn't offer to carry me.... but I'm thinking he was waiting to prove his strength on ringing the wishing bell inside. Right? After 12 years of marriage you let some things slide.

We were told that we HAD to enjoy the town's specialty, a cream cake called kremma rezina. It's a layer of cream and a thick layer of vanilla custard sandwiched between sheets of delicate, crispy crust. I'm not a huge fan of these kinds of desserts so thinking I wouldn't really like it, I ordered a huge slab of chocolate cake and thought we'd share. Well, I was wrong. So very very wrong. You can see that we ate both, easily, but we were not happy at all to share that cream cake. It was that good! You can see Chris below lamenting that there's one bite left.

I can't remember, but he better have given me the last bite since he didn't carry me up those stairs!

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